Frequently Asked Questions at the hotel Oasis:

  • ? Is internet access available at the hotel Oasis?

    Free wireless internet (Wi-Fi)

  • ⌚ What time does at the hotel Oasis check-in and check-out?

    Departure time Arrival time to 12-00 with 14-00

  • ? at the hotel Oasis accept credit cards?

    Credit card settlement is not provided

  • ? Is pets allowed at the hotel Oasis?

    Pets are not provided in the rooms.

  • ? What rooms can I book at the hotel Oasis?

    Suite 2-seater, Полулюкс, Suite 2-seater with balcony

  • ? What are the cancellation conditions at the hotel Oasis?

    Prepayment is non-refundable.

  • ? Does at the hotel Oasis have parking?

    Free secure parking is available on site